New mixtape out!!! /// Germoney - Black Red Gold Vol.1: The Black Tape

black red gold vol.1: the black tape

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Hi there, I am getting very close to finishing my new album "My Story" and I can't wait to let it out of the bag! I have decided to go with a donation based model, because that way everybody can give me what they think it's worth to them, but I still get what I need to continue my musical journey and live my dream of being a rapper in this country!! Let me tell you, I am very excited about this album and I can't wait to go on stage and perform the songs in front of a live audience... I am also preparing to shoot some videos for several of the new songs and I got some fun ideas to make those entertaining! I will make sure to keep you guys in the loop and you can count on me making progress on a daily basis! Germoney never sleeps, lol...
Germoney - First German rapper in the USA. Originator of German Urban. Lyrics AND swag with a German accent.

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